martes, 16 de noviembre de 2010

My favourite places to go in London

hello to all the people

In this oportunity , i going to talk about my prefer places to visit in London.but that, when i can travel to England.

the first , i want go to places where the entrance fee is 0 or is free, them i going to go to these places:

  • The british museum

  • Canden Market

  • The tat modern art gallery

And a lot of other places, however my favourite place is The British Museum , because here thre ar many of the treasure of the word. in tis museum there is keep millions things, many of that are steal, for example some thing of grece cultural.


seyou th nxt week


martes, 9 de noviembre de 2010

my favoutite game when was a boy

hello simon and classmates.

this new activity i'm going to talk about my favourite game when i was a child. it 's called the pinta, this game involved going behind an other boy with aim of touchimg his body and paint him.

this game was very funny, because i always ran and ran behind of all the children . the unoque problem i was couldn't aim of touchimghis body, the reason was my fat body.

the children bigger taught me, but i really learned only looking when other boys was playing.

i often played the pinta game, the reason was because i was study on the morning in the school.

however when grown and i was many years hate played again, but i never knowed the reason . may be ran very much behind of other children and ultimate boring me


i hope you like

martes, 2 de noviembre de 2010

the greatest chilean

hello classmates and simon professor.

In this oportunity, i 'm going to write about he chilean more important of tha history.

I think the hightest of all the chilean is Condorito, however this person really doesn´t exist, because is a caricature, but always be between on mind of all chilean, for this reason is the person more important of the history.
good Condorito is character of cartoon story, he always to provoke a smile in the chilean people and for me this is more important than anything considering important for other person.

besides has jointed all chilean people , provoke a smile , also is famous in the world of cartoon story.

in the real life condorito haven´t done nothing, but on mind of chilean people is a hero. may be the people make a smile to you are the more important of your life.
if meet with him, situation impossible because isn´t real person .i would talk is a beatiful and popular person, therefore i will say him not change never.

Other things important are the friends of story, because they did him more famous. This is because only condorito not could have very successfu, will be more boring.

Good bye classmates and simon teacher.

See you the other week specifically on Tuesday.

I hope you like my blog


lunes, 1 de noviembre de 2010

An Ideal Job

Hello classmates

This week I am going to write about my dream job.

Well, I always see how the people work, however i always have felt contempt for the job, but someday I'll work to can fulfill my dreams.

My dream job is the makes me happy, therefore I must be allowed to develop in other things to feel pleasure. Second must like this work, then is not is feeling the work, finally must have some social recognition, I mean must have a utility, you must do some good for society.

Me gusta trabajar en la planificación urbana, pero está a la escucha la gente, me gusta planificar a nivel local. Me parece un trabajo muy importante porque sirve a la gente (supuestamente) por lo tanto es una obra de la geografía humana.

I want to do this work because it could be applied with the geography of perception that I love . for recognize this most hidden problems of urban planning is need is
focusing in the psychology.
I feel happy because with this geography (perception), i would know not only the data, also the people and participate in solving of their problems, i also enjoy of the fascinating world of the psychology, is best if I can join with the geography.

Don't know anyone who has this type of work, it must be because this geographical focus "geography of perception", is relatively new, but a aide professor of geography school told me there isn't nothing of tesis about this focus.


Good long weekend

martes, 19 de octubre de 2010

hello to all

well, in this occasion i going to talk about a dream. i always has dreem is meeting with a famous person of the history.
first i would like him was a sportsman, especially a player of football or may be an old warrior.

good i choose Joaquin Muriera, this is a misterious personage of the history. the investigator in whole world don´t know your place of birth, therefore they are always an argument about your country of origin and your life in general.

some things all are agree, first Joaquin Murieta was a bandit that lived in old west in EEUU,but according to many investigator, he was a good bandit worry for the life of many people.
he convert in a bandit because killed them your wife, this tragedy was the responsible of your change dark. then he beging to killer all gringos in your way.

other thing interesting was a gay bandit, this was inexplicably i know,because he had a wife, but those are romour of your history. may be he didn´t meet more women and only had satisfy with men.
too as well, i enjoym your life, because may be he was a chilean that traveled for poverty of my contry. this decisiion i´m meeting very valiant , for that i admire him.

good to finished, i would like meet to make many question with him. shared and talk with him i can know where was your country of birth or if your life was good or bad.

i hope you like

bye classmates and simon professor

see you

martes, 12 de octubre de 2010

the perfect day

hello again my classmate and simon professor.

today , i go to talk about my perfect day.

my perfect day is when there is nothing to do. generally these days are in holiday, here i can go to all place, not worry for responsability.
these perfects days , i always are with my dear people, especially with my girdfriend, sister and myfriends. this time shorter , i prefer spend is drinking many beer in a beutifull place, because the beer is good to relax and to shape with my dear people.
my favourite place depends of where i'm. if i'm in Santiago going to bellavista bar o intercomunal park. but if i'm in other place, for example the beach, the farm, the mountains etc. then my decision depends of the natural or human attract of these place.
but, to my perfect day i would like is a farm with many mountain around. however i don´t prefer only this place when i´m living in horrible city; Santiago city. where if you meet a place relax, then this place is the best of Santiago.
in the farm with mountain around i would sleep much and then would take sun. but in Santiago city i would go to a bar and here would drink many beer.
but, this situation i always thinks in summer and spring season, because i hate these cold season, good the real world haves all these season, only there is to adjust to living here and be happy for ever.
good, i hope is´nt so complicated.


Hello to everyone.

In this presentation I will tell about my city, the landmarks and attractions that make up Greater Santiago, but I will mention not only the physical aspects of it, I also refer to the human dimension, which is essential to develop of each neighborhood.

Santiago is a big city in this place you can find all kinds of activities and people. However, the Santiago people never going to knowing all places of the city

Generally the part beautiful only represents a small part in a sea of streets, and mostly concentrated in the east of the capital.

Within the beautiful places are:

  • The Bellas artes neighborhood. This neighborhood has a very European style, mainly French, its buildings date about mid-twentieth century. The People who wander these places are usually young like is making or looking the street art, as well as many intellectuals and people who like good coffee.
    It's a place very recommend, because here shared many people from different socioeconomic backgrounds, but with a common passion for "art."
  • Another very beautiful area is the Parque Metropolitano Santiago. Here one can find nature and healthy living. The main activities, for example sports, recreation and a delicius chilean juice “ el mote con huesillo”.

  • Another important place is the civic neighborhood. This part of Santiago isn’t the most beautiful, but it certainly concentrates much of the history of Chile, this situation makes it place very attractive visitors.
  • Chucre manzur neighbohood also is a very attractive place for tourists. Here you can find theaters, clubs, cafes and bars. However the major attraction is the home of Pablo Neruda

  • The last place to visit should be the poorest neighborhoods of Santiago. I don’t want these places to be a tourist attraction, but the tourist should know about the poverty of chilean people.

Well I hope you like it.